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Truist Delayed Reporting

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Truist Delayed Reporting

Seems like whenever I pay my balance down, Truist Is late on reporting my updated balance, vs if my balance goes up some they're ALWAYS on time.  Anyone else experience this? So far they're 5 days. Past reporting...

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Re: Truist Delayed Reporting

Chase is known to report no matter where your billing cycle is once paid to $0. Truist not so much. If you talking reporting late. There isnt a card thats perfect each month that reports right on time. Have to take in account weekends and holidays can delay reporting a day or 2. And it depends on when your statement end date is. Usually some are next day or a few days after.

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Re: Truist Delayed Reporting

Just want to say I'm having a similar issue. Transunion got an update from Truist in September  but nothing since then. And Equifax and Experian both have no updates since August! Wonder what's going on??

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Re: Truist Delayed Reporting

Did you ever get this issue resolved? Experian and Equifax say they haven't received any info from Truist about my credit card usage. 

I had a 766 Experian score. Now I am unscorable according to Experian and Equifax.


Thanks for any responses or advice!

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