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myfico simulator tool

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myfico simulator tool

How accurate is this? I simulated aging my credit report for 24 months and got a measly 5 point boost on experian and that's about it.

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Re: myfico simulator tool

Not very accurate in my experience @RobotDR 

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Re: myfico simulator tool

No simulator tool is reliable/accurate. I'd stay away from them.

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Re: myfico simulator tool

I'd love it if mine is accurate!
According to the simulator, all 3 scores will be deep in the 800s in 12 months!

The only negatives I have are lots of inquiries and new accounts in the past 12 months, so if I can resist temptation and keep gardening, it may actually happen.

Back to gardening until Late February 2025.

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Re: myfico simulator tool

Best simulators are right here. The members of this forum. Smiley Happy

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