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Chase is coming to Boston!

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Re: Chase is coming to Boston!

I wish they would open up more branches in CT. I travel back and forth between NY and CT and there's no branches anywhere nearby in Hartford. I have to go down to the New Haven area to go to Chase. Glad they are coming to the east coast though, there's times when I'm in Boston as well and havn't seen a branch there.

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Re: Chase is coming to Boston!

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Insane to think there were no Chase Banks in New England. Must not be a Pats fan,
though considering they want to win every year at all cost, im suprised Chase didnt feel kindered spiritSmiley Wink

Wow!  Right?  I always assumed them + WF had branches nationwide.

Wells Fargo also has a distinct lack of branches here.  Closest one is in Hartford, CT, which is about 90 miles southwest.  WF Advisors has an office in Two International Place, and there is a WF Private Bank in the Berkeley Building.  For those who will be making initial deposits of lower than $1,000,000 you'll have to go visit a private banker at one of these new Chase locations (where the minimum is only $250k), choose a different bank, or drive to Hartford.


FWIW Bank of America also had no presence here until they bought FleetBoston Financial 15 years ago, which was the merger of Fleet and BankBoston a few years earlier.

Knew there was a third 'major' that I forgot.  For the life of me though, I couldn't remember what it was that early (or late in my case) in the morning though.  

Really am surprised though that all 3 aren't every where, or at least in every major capital/city nationwide.  I would have bet anything that they were.  

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