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Authorized User Worked ... sort of.

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Authorized User Worked ... sort of.

So my AAOA is around 3 years and 10 months. My wife had an account that was over 10 years old with a perfect payment history ... small credit card, but the age is there.


So I get a Credit Alert from MyFico just a week or so ago for myself.


It's an alert that this account's balance has gone up to $25 (it was at $0 before). 


Ok, so this means it is now on my credit. Buuuuut ... no score change. 


I'm a little shocked considering. Any insight? Will it take a little while to reflect positively or did I simply get fooled into thinking this would help? As of March, I will have no lates on my credit within the last 2 years and the only lates I do have are 2 - 30's from Jan. 2010 and 2-60's from Feb. 2010.


I would think the new account would do SOMETHING ... even if only a little. 

Re-entered the garden on 9/16/2013.

Starting Score: (TU) 517 (EQ) 469 (EX) 519 (6/1/2010)
Current Score: (TU98) 714 (TU04) 712 (EQ Beacon 5.0) 672 (EX -FICO v2) 724 (6/13/13)
Goal Score: 700 Club for all 3 (2 out of 3 so far)

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Re: Authorized User Worked ... sort of.

Were you up to date on your target score setting?


ETA...the score should have updated anyway if it changed as a result to this added TL. As far as I see it, this new account would have only impacted length of history/AAoA and util. I'm guessing your mix is fine. If util didn't change and/or util isn't listed as a negative reason within your EQ FICO report, then you probably wouldn't see a change. Did AAoA change any?

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