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Goodwill letter

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Goodwill letter

I'm not sure if it's correct forums. I'm planning on to sent good will letters to capital one and target for 30 days late removal. Does anyone know the correct address for these company? Just want to make sure to sent the correct address instead of PO Box 




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Re: Goodwill letter

@MVPJ I'd recommend looking at this thread here which provides you with GW Example Letters for starters. Also, you should take a look at this thread called here which gives you Backdoor Numbers to the companies. The thread has CAP1 and Target contact info. If you want to find out the e-mails and addresses where to send the goodwills too you can also use Viewing these threads personally helped me get a few late payments removed from my Capital One.

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Re: Goodwill letter

Send an email to the CEO 


This worked well for me in the past. 

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