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Northern Resolution Group LLC - Fax Number

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Northern Resolution Group LLC - Fax Number

These people are reporting an old debt that is out of the SOL & was PIF to OC. I'm in the middle of buidling a house and this could be traumatic to my new mortgage.  I called N.R.G. and they wouldn't give me their fax.  I tried Googling as well with no luck.  Any help would be much appreciated.

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Re: Northern Resolution Group LLC - Fax Number



Have you heard anything else about these guys?  I've recently paid off all my debt except for my students loans which are now in good standing.  I also have a few goodwill letters to write, but I don't think those creditors will budge.


Unfortunately, Northern Resolution Group placed something on my transunion credit report at the end of last month for $500.  The amount was just reduced to $300. They listed a contact number which doesn't work.  When I did a google search, nothing comes up except for a few comments on random forums.  All of the commenters said that they received phone calls from NRG claiming that they have a debt from a payday loan.  NRG claims that you have to pay by the end of the week or they will take immediate legal action.  What's troubling is that the commenters said that the NRG reps used a lot of personal info as part of their scam.


To be honest, I was close to paying the debt without question if I actually reached a rep when I called.  I was so frustrated because I paid everything off and just got a credit card with Navy Fed.  I'm glad that I did the search because it appears that NRG and a number of companies use personal info and the threat of legal action to scam you.  People also mentioned that NRG doens't respond to requests for proof of the debt and have rename their company several times.


After finding whatever I could about them online, I disputed the tradeline with transunion.  This was on Nov 28th and I'm still waiting for a response.  I'm not sure what I will do if transunion validates the debt because it doesn't even look like the company exists.  And as I mentioned before, I've paid all the debt that I owed except for my student loans.

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Re: Northern Resolution Group LLC - Fax Number

I found their address and phone number here but, no fax number.  Sorry!

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Re: Northern Resolution Group LLC - Fax Number

Hi Melprieve,


Just so you know, I disputed with Transunion in late November and the bureau deleted the tradeline a few days ago.  Transunion took the full 30 days to complete the investigation and delete the tradelien.


I had also called NRG when I disputed with Transunion and they knew that I was disputing the debt.  I asked them to validate the debt and I just received a letter from them claiming that the debt is valid.  They said that I owe 500 dollars, but if I pay 300, the matter will be settled.  They also said that the tradeline would be deleted.  The letter was notarized but I'm a little skeptical.  My name and address on the envelope was handwritten. Their return address was not printed on the envelope, but was crookedly-hand-stamped.

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Re: Northern Resolution Group LLC - Fax Number

Hi raggamuffin,



Northern Resolution Group attempted to call me in June of 2011 claiming I owe debt for a cash advance. I said I don't know if that debt is mine and if they can validate it but they threaten me with legal action and hung up. I never hear from them again but than I check my credit report and I see them on my Transunion report. I disputed it with Transunion but they said they verified the debt. I know they use an automated system to see if the debt is yours so that doesnt mean much.


Im wondering if anyone knows how to contact them and what there address is? I followed the link and tried calling 716-317-3077 but it only rings and I get a voicemail of a guy named Doug. I tried calling the phone # listed in my report of 877-847-6680 but that phone # is disconnected. I live in Florida and I checked my states website to see if they are an registered agent and I don't even see them as that. If anyone can help, my question is:


1. If they are not a registered agent in my state can they even collect on the debt? And if not, can I say that to Transunion and would that be enough to get it off my report?

2. Does anyone have a phone # I can call and a address where I can send a debt validation letter so I can do return/reciept so they can prove I even owe this?



Please let me know if anyone can be of an assistance.

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Re: Northern Resolution Group LLC - Fax Number

I actually just got a call from them threatening me with legal actions and what not. They are in NY for sure, and the number is 855-242-9670. But they have a company calling for them which are the ones that threaten you. They call themselves Cambridge Huxley & Associates their number is 855-379-0337. They are telling me that I am being sued for a check fraud and I could be fined for over $5000. That's b/s! There was no check fraud and I was in the process of paying the loan off until it was sold to one of these dumb ass collection agencies. This is so exhausting to deal with!

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Re: Northern Resolution Group LLC - Fax Number

I have NO idea who this outfit is but these jokers showed up on my report within the last 8 months.  i just pulled a new report and this is the ONLY new thing listed.  They are saying I owe them $620.00.  I dont owe anybody 620 CENTS!   

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Re: Northern Resolution Group LLC - Fax Number

any luck? this is just posted to my newly cleaned transunion...ughhhh!!!!  I have been getting those scam calls for YEARS....Im not sure what to do about this.  I disputed the debt and asked for them to validate.  My next one is filing with the better business bureau to investigate and under the FCA


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Re: Northern Resolution Group LLC - Fax Number

Hello everyone just wanted to let you know who and what Northern Resolution Group is. They are a collection agency that does not post their number however Resolution Performance Group (RPG) is one of "their partners" (or so that is what the woman I talked to said) and their number is 8772159182. Their address is 636 N French Rd Suite 7 Amherst, NY 14228. I also like many of you have something on my credit report stating that I still owe monies. However I have paid them off and have the letter of proof stating in their own words "Pending clearance of funds, this letter will serve as a receipt for your payment and is evidence that final settlement on this account had been paid with no further monies being due or owing" but some how Northern Resolution is still stating that I owe them money. From my experience the only thing we can do is dispute this with the credit reporting agency and if you have the letter of proof it helps a lot. I hope this helps you!! 

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Re: Northern Resolution Group LLC - Fax Number

Northern resolution is a new name i suppose,   Try googling 713-588-2596 or 713-782-2700 for more information


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