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USBank 30 day remove


USBank 30 day remove

I went through a rough patch during 2012-2013 where I had many 30 and 60 day late payments. The last of these was in 2013. However, as I still had a balance remaining on my USBank Visa, last year I completely forgot a payment and it generated a 30day late on my report. Anyone think I can do anything about this? Ask USBank for a goodwill delete? Any other option?

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Re: USBank 30 day remove

Those lates should fall off this year or next year but yes a goodwill will be the next option instead of waiting until they fall off.

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Re: USBank 30 day remove

Havent seen too much about US Bank GW's. Depends how long of a memory they keep. Maybe after they all fall off. Then try. More than likely they wont while the others are still reporting. Again that is do they hold grudges.

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Re: USBank 30 day remove

I just tried to GW US Bank on an old secured Visa card for a single 30-day late in 2014 via email to the EO. It was declined. They also sent proof in the form of old statements, so I would say it's worthwhile (always) to try, but from my expereince, probably won't be successful.

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