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Using Credit Cards Dangerously

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Re: Using Credit Cards Dangerously

Whenever I see pay by credit card I whip out my Visa debit card and make the payment Smiley Happy.  Can you do that? That way it will come directly out of your checking account.  After all, they can be run as credit or debit, as you choose.
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Re: Using Credit Cards Dangerously

marinevietvet wrote:

I'm certainly one of the older members here --just turned 55


You're only 55? I'm almost 59. Do you really think we are some of the oldest here??????  Smiley Surprised


I'm sure we've both aged gracefully.


LOL Being 53 I guess I'm the baby of the group.


A Safe plan for those who have gotten in trouble with CCs before (like me) would be to use the debit card as their primary puchase card.  I use my Sams card when I am in Sams or Walmart but never charge more than I can PIF.  I use my other cards every other month or so just to show activity,  If I need to make a major puchase, look for 0% or no payments or no interest finance.


Another thing that helps me to to always update a budget spreadsheet after every purchase and deduct the amount from my checking account balance, or the balance on the paycheck that will be used to make the payment.



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Re: Using Credit Cards Dangerously

That would be a better Idea in my book to use the debit card to pay, but these managers where I live are not up with that, that's a great idea though.  Smiley Happy It would certainly make life more easier and keep trees from being cut down by wasting paper on checks.


Now for the gal who said she's the youngest  here or the oldest ....Smiley Very Happy  I think I got you two gals beat out. I'm 62 ...

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Re: Using Credit Cards Dangerously

Hi Haulingupthescore:


First, it was a paralegal not a lawyer that was with me at this meeting. He was more interested in his messages on his blackberry than helping his clients.  And the person giving me flack was a FBI Agent.


Well not to make lightly of age here. I'm 62 so I'm the oldest in the group. Smiley Wink But I'm glad I'm with all of you regardless.


Ok on a serious note and about this question of mine. Having the money is no problem. I have the money and I'm always on time with rent etc. It's just that I was always taught in financial classes not to lean on credit cards for things such as rent and groceries. Yes most are responsible and pay their balances on time. Yet there the few that carry them over and it could get out of hand. The other argument all of you could say it that it's a great way prove you've paid. I totally agree. 

It's not that I have a problem with using credit cards to pay for rent.  My point is this....when things are not secure, meaning job losses and other insecurities this past year, using cc would be risky. That's what I was trying to say.  Not everyone is secure and not everyone has their ducks in a row and well all of you know the rest.


I like the idea of a debit card. That was a fantastic idea. Simple. 


Thanks Hauling and others...this has been an eye opener. I know it will get better in time. 


Have a great weekend all of you.Smiley Tongue


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