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Funny Collection or Telemarketer Stories

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Re: Funny Collection or Telemarketer Stories

Dont have any stories to tell, but i just wanted to wake this thread up again! Take it away guys and girls!

I'm not a kid anymore, I've done a lot of growing up! Smiley Happy
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Re: Funny Collection or Telemarketer Stories

my turn!! BUMP!!

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Re: Funny Collection or Telemarketer Stories

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Re: Funny Collection or Telemarketer Stories

One offshore company would not stop calling, despite being asked for over 2 years. Found their business number. Smiley Happy Called and promised to tie up their line talking about stupid stuff, like feelings, every time one of their reps called. It's been two months or more. Maybe they really can take my name out of the database, LOL!


They do, however, persist in the annoying habit of sending e-mails with links explaining my order is ready. I got bored with responding "Leave me alone" and included a very adult entertainment link last time.

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Re: Funny Collection or Telemarketer Stories

variableResistor wrote:

Found this on youtube:

This is a good one but there's also one here with a funny old lady just screaming at the guy to "SHUT UP" and it is so funny.  I just lost over an hour of time.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Funny Collection or Telemarketer Stories

Not so funny story with a happy ending but DW got a call yesterday from 508-475-1349 who left a message saying something about a loan approval and plese call.  The call upset her a lot.  We also got several calls from some agency looking for Paul.  They were able to change their caller ID each time (I though that was illegal) so blocking it was not an option. 


I blocked all calls on my number except those I wanted to call me as a temporary solution.  My permanent solution is to get a 2nd line and keep the compromized number for online and banking.  The number won't ring or go to voicemail but I since it is VOIP, I can see who is calling using the online call logs.  I routed the 508-475-1349 to another telemarketer and I wish I gould route that one to the 508-475-1349 so they call each other.  I am only allowed one froarding number so I can;t do that.


I wish I had my own PBX so I could route all junk calls to each other.  I may decide to routue them to a fax machine that calls me from time to time by mistake as well.


I also dumped Verizon since they own the 508-475-1349 number and would not do anything about it.  



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Re: Funny Collection or Telemarketer Stories

My best friend refuses to opt out or to place himself on a "Do Not Call" List... because he has so much fun with telemarketers.

I was hanging out with him once and he got a call.


He went into this whole Buffalo Bill routine where he was nice and polite to the telemarketer, but then flip out...


Him: Hello?

TM: Hi, I'm with blah blah.

Him: OH, hello ma'am! How are you today? I am just wonderful. One second...

Muffled: It puts the lotion on its skin!!!


TM: Is this a bad time?

Him: Oh heavens no, I'm absolutely NOT busy at all. Please tell me what you are... wait a sec...





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