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Why I've been gone...

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Why I've been gone...

I've been a little absent from the forums lately, I lost my mom (cancer, in hospice 2 days- we thought we had a few months) and then, just under 3 days later, one of my best friends died from a dialysis induced heart attack- the dad he didn't get aling with pulled the plug without us finding out anything had happened. He was sick, but this was questionable, I wish I could make them look into his case and "that company" (starts with a D, has a V- look into home dialysis, better outcomes- they already gave him a stroke trying to rush in the name of profit, sorry WAY OT. ONE more thing, hug your loved ones and explicitly tell them that you love them and SPECIFIC reasons that they make you proud) 


Then, I had massive oral surgery. Oh, 4 days before my mom died, I got a 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV Premier and it was back to the dealership for repair for over a month ~2 weeks later. Despite paying a premium for an EV, GM expect made me pay for petrol for the dealership loaner (after first leaving me carless). THANKFULLY, the longterm rental from Hertz (because the guy realized that I didn't want another Malibu (terrible mileage and huge) was far more intelligent than the GM people, asked me if I wanted an EV, FASTEST yes I ever said. I spent over a month paying for a Bolt EUV Premier with leather seats (heated in the back too), sun roof or moon roof, etc. 

Even after asking, they couldn't even give me back OnStar (I also missed out on XM).

Oh, I had to bring it back in got a large mark to be buffed out.

The cameras are misaligned and the 12 volt battery that I specifically asked them to check is seemingly having trouble, causing the traction control to fail.


Never buy a car in the first model year, or the last model year.

They also blocked Home Assistant it seems, not that it matters because a Model 3 or Y will replace it after a Lemon Law buyback. My state requires 3 attempts to fix the issue OR 30 days in the shop. It just irritates me.


I don't want anyone reading this and thinking EVs are bad. 250 miles on a charge is amazing and my LONG-term EV rental was perfect, I was sad to return it. I get to level 2 charge for free while I buy groceries (the ads make me weep for humanity because of the specific youtube channels).


Even at home, my rates are dropping AGAIN from $0.11029 to $0.101/kWh I average ~210 Wh/mile or 4.76miles/kWh, say 4.5m/kWh.

Gas was $3.69, noice a few weeks ago at Sams, but it's gone up- so volatile.

My Dad had a 2017 VW Jetta with about 30 MPG or $0.123 (plus oil, filters, etc) [the 2024 chevy malibu gets a combined EPA range of 31- you'd swear that's NEDC- Not Even Darn Close]

I love topping off while I'm home and leaving with over 230 miles (I never do a full charge; 230 was 79% in winter; 79% in summer is giving me 250+ miles)- even if I'm just running an errand a mile away. My laptop never charges above 85%. If I roadtrip, I increase this temporarily for my laptop and I will for my EV (~312 miles in summer)


Mods: If any part is too much much, delete it and just write {redacted]

1/8/17 Discover $18300 CL- $1k SL- AU, wife
1/26/20 AmEx Cash Magnet $35k CL, wife
2/19/20 BB&T/Truist Rewards $11k SL- impulse application
2/22/20 Citi Double Cash WEMC $2.9k-->$4.4k-->$8.4k-->$13.4k-->$17.4k-->$19.4k-->$22.4k AU, wife
3/8/20 Wells Fargo Propel AmEx/Autograph VISA $2900-->$3200-->$5000-->$8800 CL- AU, wife
3/9/20 Truist Rewards $11k SL- AU, wife- impulse app
3/21/20 REDcard MasterCard (TD Bank) $2500-->$6000-->$6500 CL
11/24/20 AmEx Cash Magnet $10k SL-->36hr-->$20k-->$35k CL
6/10/21 SoFi World Elite MC (TBOM) $7000 SL
1/19/22 AppleCard/GS $6k-->$10k-->$11k AU, wife
8/15/22 Chase freedom flex $10.3k SL-->$12.5k-->$15k-->$19k AU, wife
7/5/23 Lowes/Synchrony $4k-->$10k-->same day-->$35k CL
8/2/23 Chase freedom flex $19k --> $22.8 CL
8/2/23 Discover $8k SL
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Re: Why I've been gone...


Just one of those events is a lot of stress- but all those together is tough to recover from.



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Re: Why I've been gone...

Wow, best of all to you!

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