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Backdated forebearance post rehab possible?

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Backdated forebearance post rehab possible?

Hi guys,


I was talking to a CSR at Great Lakes asking him if my SL payments that lead to default could be goodwilled. He said he had no idea about that, but a possibility is to do a back dated forebearance. He said they can do that up to two years. The original 90 day late was March 2016, so if this is possible I need to get the paperwork started now. The loans defaulted Nov 2016.


Can anyone let me know if this is even a possibility and thoughts on it?? I'm not to confident in what they guy I spoke to said. The entire conversation seemed like he was new to this job.



Due to circumstances and mail not going to me I really had no idea that my SL were needing to be repaid. It is mostly my fault for not being knowledgable and not having an updated address, but at the time this was the case. There were serious life issues going on as well. As soon as I realised that it was an issue I immediately entered into the rehab program to begin fixing it.


Loans were transferred back to Great Lakes last January post rehab. I disputed all TL with CRA. The tradelines created during rehab got completely deleted. The tradelines leading to default got semi cleaned up. EQ removed all lates but still have comments of 120+ days late. EX and TU cleaned up the comments but left all 9 late payments histories on there from Mar-Nov 2016. The rehabbed loans have not shown up on my reports yet, and that is another confusion. Since they went back to Great Lakes will they use the old tradelines or create new ones? So far I have made two $5 payments, 1 in Jan immediately (try to help them report to CRA) and one today with auto pay.


I do plan to pay $2000 to cover unpaid interest (is ~$1400) and clear some principle as soon as tax returns come (hopefully 1-2 weeks). I figured this would be wise so they would not show over 100% util on reports. This is good thinking right for score purposes? 





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