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FedLoan Servicing


FedLoan Servicing

I had 4 loans that were in default.  I got on the rehab program...finished...have been paying on time since.  I signed up for the auto payment program.  When doing this, I thought it had taken affect and it had not.  It went two months late, they reported 60 day late, auto pay started, it payed then at the end of the month they reported 60 days late a second time.  I called and payed bringing it current.  It's been current since.  I called and spoke with someone who noted my account as to the situation and forwarded it to another department.  Is there any advice to help me get this removed?  I even asked if it could be consolidated into a single 60 day late.



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Re: FedLoan Servicing

Wow that is really scary--I was going to do that and forget about ---I am glad I saw this post--


Brigitte Grisanti

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