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May Check In Thread

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Re: May Check In Thread

Joining in late to the challenge...


Starting Score: 716
Current Score: 716
Goal Score: 740

Starting Score: 716
Current Score: 716
Goal Score: 760

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Re: May Check In Thread

A little late on the update.....


2013 Goals:


Finish rehabilitating my student loans

Pay down credit cards to 9% utilization

Pay or settle all collections accounts

Pay all bills on time


Progress to Date:


Student loans out of rehab, picked up by a new lender, related collection TLs DELETED on my CRs, new lender/servicer reporting pays as agreed!!!!!!

Two $500 CL cards, paid $0 balance, working on my third card $550 balance on $750 CL. Pondering requesting a CLI.

Two medical collections paid, no action on the GWs, showing paid in full on the CRs

Payment arrangement on a school collection that does not report as long as I make payments....still making payments, this one will be around for a while.

All bills paid on time....going strong! :smileyhappy:

Contributing 3% of my salary to 401K....6% return on investment YTD.


Up Next:

Continue paying on third credit card to get it down to 9% util.

Save up to pay/settle a credit card chargeoff and another collection.



Current Score: TU: 674 | EQ: 722 | EX: 717 | Last Inq. 2/16/15...Locked Up in The Garden
NFCU Cash Rewards $14K | Chase Sapphire Preferred $5K | Amex Blue Cash Preferred $6K | Cap1 Quicksilver One Visa $9K

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Re: May Check In Thread

Thank you, everyone, for participating in my first Monthly Checkin.


For those reaching your goals: congratulations! Hard work does pay off.


And for those who are still climbing - stick with it! I want to see everyone with their scores where they want them to be.


Keep coming back to every month's check in, take a look at our blog for some tips, and stick with it. Patience is key.

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