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September Check in thread


Re: September Check in thread

I'm new to this, but I have been lurking on these forums for awhile now. I'm trying to work on my credit so I can buy a house in the next yr or so. I'm in the process of getting two of my collections deleted, so as soon as that processes I'm hoping I will see a score bump.

Starting Score: EQ:622 TU:609 EX:621
Short Term Goal 11/30: 650
Goal Score: 720

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Re: September Check in thread

This is my first post on the forums.... I have been trying to handle my credit issues on my own for the last year (with some success) but now I believe having the support of the community will help/push me closer to my goals. So I am joining the credit challange

EQ=681 / TU=703 / EX=685 (started all in the 510 range 10/2013)
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Re: September Check in thread

Hi, this is my first time posting in the myfico forum.  I had a pretty bad apartment fire back in March.  Im currently staying with my parents and have been working diligently to improve my credit score over the past couple of months.  Im praying that Im able to raise my scores to at least 650 in the short term so that I can approve for a home loan and get out of my parents' house!!

Lender 12/1/14 EQ 593, TU 646, EX 639

Starting Score: MyFico 9/21/14 EQ596, TU 589, EX 635
Current Score: MyFico 12/17/14 EQ656, TU 673, EX 651
10/8/14 Fico 524 9/12/14 CapitalOne TU 542, 9/12/14 First Premier EX 525
12/02/14 Fico 593, 10/27/14 CapitalOne TU 622,11/23/14 First Premier EX 654

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Re: September Check in thread

Just started working on my credit last month and Ive already seen a jump albeit slight, but its a start.  I expect to see a bigger jump next billing cycle hopefully in mid-late October.  This site is awesome and I cant wait to see my progession every month.

Starting - MyFico EQ - 548, TU - 518, EX - 579 - 8.26.2014
Current - MyFIco EQ - 695, TU - 709, EX - 722 - 4.10.2017
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Re: September Check in thread



   I'm new at this.  Growing up I had the luck of having a great Dad, who told me the benefits of having great credit history.  We were poor, but he had no trouble getting a large loan when need it (my Grandma's funeral)  and paying it on time.


  My credit score is fine (>770), but I want to improve it to increase my financial freedom.  Opening a business sounds like a great idea.

Starting Score: 745
Current Score: 770
Goal Score: 820

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