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Anyone else think the algorithm is wrong???

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Re: Anyone else think the algorithm is wrong???

@CorpCrMgr1 wrote:

@AlgorithmIsWrong see some of the postings in the "Credit Card" forum under Citi Cash Product Change to Custom Cash.  Errors regarding bonuses. This is a programming error. 

Please understand, programmers do not have that much control over things; you're welcome to believe whatever you want to believe, but in the real world things simply don't work that way.

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Re: Anyone else think the algorithm is wrong???

Don't lose sight of a few keys facts when trying to argue about programmers. The CRAs have a product (data),  the algorithms have a product (score) , and the lenders have a product (money). These are all for profit companies, all them employ "programmers", and they all have to answer to regulatory agencies.


If you want to get that money in the last step you best be sure that the first product (data) is accurate. We are given many tools to do this, from free (ACR) to paid services. Instead of wasting energy blaming the programmers that work at these companies, know that we all are subject to the same conditions of credit worthiness if you pull a FICO score. Thankfully we have communities like this to help find ways to maximize scores and save us money.


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Re: Anyone else think the algorithm is wrong???

Did a quick internet check of regulatory agencies fines. The first one that popped up from 2020 was billions in fines charged to US financial institutions. The agencies asked and the banks answered. 

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