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Credit Scorecard

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Credit Scorecard

For those who might be interested in trying their own “what-if” scenarios at credit reporting and scoring, I have put together an Excel-based workbook that provides for user input of their data, as well as their own assumptions about weighting and impact of various credit reporting and aging factors.  The output of the program is a summary of all the main credit reporting categories, as well as a psuedo “score” that results from those assumptions.


It is not an attempt at a score simulator, but rather an attempt to compare the relative impacts of various factors based on one's own assumptions, and not the assumptions of others.


If you are interesested in taking a peek, send me a private message and I would be happy to email you a copy.


Just my mathematical attempt to provide a basis for understanding  credit scoring......



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Re: Credit Scorecard

yes im interested please

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Re: Credit Scorecard

Count me in.


***off to PM you***

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Re: Credit Scorecard


Yes please !

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Re: Credit Scorecard

Since this is not a product of the site, I am reluctant to use any site resorces to send.


Just send me a private message here on the site, including your personal email, and I will send a copy.


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