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Credit score increase guess.

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Credit score increase guess.

First I understand that there are a million factors in play here, BUT....I have 3 cards.  2 very small limit cards that are at 0 balance and one other card (I'm an authorized user on wife's card) with a $11,000 limit with a $8500 balance.  I just put a $3300 payment on the card to get it down to $5200.



Any guesstimate on what my credit score will do?  Going from a 75%ish util. to a 45%ish util?  It's got to go up a little right?  I'm looking at 611 and 612 scores thru MyFico now and a 647 WalMart TU.




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Re: Credit score increase guess.

75% to 45%...guessing 20-25 on the high side. Take a look at your FICO report. If util is listed in the #1 slot [for things that help/hurt your FICO on pages 2&3 of your FICO report] then you stand to see more of a gain. If util isn't in the #1 slot, then any gains would be less.

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Re: Credit score increase guess.

My utilzation went from 81% to 5% and i went up 27 points on Equifax and like 70 points on TU.  So who knows. 


I would say you'd get 15 points or so. 

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