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FICO - Transunion Score 8 vs. Transunion Score 4

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FICO - Transunion Score 8 vs. Transunion Score 4

Today, I received an update that my FICO Transunion Score 8 jumped from 667 to 706.

I'm currently in the process of buying a house and was hoping my FICO Transunion Score 4 would reflect a similar increase, so I paid for an early report update.

I was greatly disappointed to see that Score 4 - the one the mortgage lenders will use - actually dropped 6 points today from 671 to 665.

My question is - does Score 4 lag in updating as compared to Score 8? Does it make sense that there would be a 41 point difference between my Score 8 and Score 4?

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Re: FICO - Transunion Score 8 vs. Transunion Score 4

Yes in some cases different versions can lag one another because they weigh different FICO components differently. As for updates to different models happening at different times, I don't think that can happen, as the scores are calculated using what's available in your report. So, naturally, once your report is updated, all scoring models will simultaneously update.

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Re: FICO - Transunion Score 8 vs. Transunion Score 4

I have experienced the exact same thing! I am currently trying to buy a house, so I am paying down my credit cards and working on getting an old negative account improved. I succeeded in improving the old account from a paid charge off/closed status to a clean/closed account in good standing. My Experian Fico 8 jumped 55 points, and I was so excited because my Transunion mortgage score is already above the minimum 680 I need, so I only need one more over 680 for my middle score to qualify, and it's very close. I bought a new report to check my Experian mortage score, anticipating with bated breath and ready to celebrate—only to see that it dropped 5 points! I was crushed. I have no idea how this could be. I would greatly appreciate any insight into how a positive credit transaction such as improving an account status can raise Fico 8 substantially and not only not raise Fico mortgage, but actually LOWER it!?

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