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Found a scoring discrepancy with Equifax

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Found a scoring discrepancy with Equifax

So, I've been having a problem with my scores being reported by Equifax to my paid subscription Experian account. I also have the free Equifax FICO 8 score from MyFico as a comparison. Every month, the Experian app's EQ score is like 10-12 points lower than the MyFico EQ score. Same content and balances on both reports. I did a comparison on the credit limits and balances and noticed that on the actual EQ website's credit report summary page, the EQ total credit limit available is higher than the EX's total available credit limit by the exact amount that was the highest reported balance on my AmEx Gold card. A quick calculation of the amounts owed showed that they are including the balances of my AmEx Gold in the utilization calculation. They are also using the highest balance reported on the Gold as a credit limit! That amount is included in the "available credit" number! As you know, the bureaus typically do not include the AmEx charge card balances in the util calcs since there is no credit limit. Apparently EQ does? On my Experian app, I'm showing 8% util on EX and TU and EQ shows 10%. The EQ website summary shows 10% util. However on the MyFico app, my EQ util is correct at 8%! That EQ score from MyFico is correct and inline with the others. Has anyone else noticed this? I didn't find an exact thread mentioning this and I'm wondering if I this is disputable? It's a weird discrepancy considering MyFico is pulling the correct credit calculations.

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Re: Found a scoring discrepancy with Equifax

You only have 1 FICO 8 score from each CRA. I don't have the pay service from EX,  I use the myFICO pay service and I have always found that the free EX FICO 8 always matches to myFICO EX 8. I don't get my EQ FICO 8 anywhere else. That said, my understanding is that both FICO and VS should not be counting Charge cards in Util. So, this is not being mistaken about which score algorthm is being used.


As a first step I would pull my free reports from ACR and verify that the account is properly categorized as a Charge card on EQ and that all the reporting lines up across all 3 CRAs. Sometimes I have seen 1 CRA behind depending when I pull the report. Keep in mind that the pull is a snapshot and not dynamic.


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Re: Found a scoring discrepancy with Equifax

Perhaps there is some lag time in data from EQ showing on the EX report vs my FICI report or vice versa. As a result a balance on one or two credit charges changes due to an updated statement.


Look at account details.

Fico 9: .......EQ 850 TU 850 EX 850
Fico 8: .......EQ 850 TU 850 EX 850
Fico 4 .....:. EQ 809 TU 823 EX 830 EX Fico 98: 842
Fico 8 BC:. EQ 892 TU 900 EX 900
Fico 8 AU:. EQ 887 TU 897 EX 899
Fico 4 BC:. EQ 826 TU 858, EX Fico 98 BC: 870
Fico 4 AU:. EQ 831 TU 872, EX Fico 98 AU: 861
VS 3.0:...... EQ 835 TU 835 EX 835
CBIS: ........EQ LN Auto 940 EQ LN Home 870 TU Auto 902 TU Home 950
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