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Help Ballpark my FICO score

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Help Ballpark my FICO score

AAoA - 9 years

No lates, no collections, no judgements


5 revolving accounts- 2 with 0 balance, 3 with 19.9k in total balances

52.3k in available credit (38% utilization)


1 installment account for a lease - good standing


2 mortgage accounts, 8 years old - good standing


Just wondering if its a good time to re-apply for our mortgage.  Looking for at least 700.

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Re: Help Ballpark my FICO score

There's not enough info. Have you pulled your FICO reports to at least get an idea? 


Your util is a bit high. I'd bring that down with at least one more CC at a $0 balance.

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Re: Help Ballpark my FICO score

Just guessing, of course, but I'd think 730-745 at least. That's unless there's something bad on your report that you may be unaware of. Could be higher, but I'd be surprised if you were under 700.

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Re: Help Ballpark my FICO score

i pulled them a couple of weeks ago before i paid down some balances - the fico score my lender pullled and the one i pulled were completely different.  so its useless to pull anything here.  just wondering your thoughts on a score.


i'll let you know when my scores are re-pulled early next week.



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Re: Help Ballpark my FICO score

The score you bought here on myfico was different then the lender!!?? Guess I'm getting my hopes up for a let down ; ( .. err it would be much better if they go by income instead of this credit stuff. Where the fico score at least somewhat close...?? Thanks for your time
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