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Question about updated scores

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Question about updated scores

Ok, so today I finally got the notification that cap 1 has reported my new cli + uti, so I expect my scores to get a boost once my CCT updates tomorrow.


My question is.. If I applied for a card now, would it do a now score? or do I have to wait for a bit for the cc company to pull the updated score? The reason why I ask this is because the prequal pages tend to pull scores that are a couple of months old.


Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.



Total Credit Line- $48,950k
Current Score:EX-675 || TU-704 || EQ-683 || AAoA-2yrs11mo || uti- 37% || 3 baddies || 13 inq

Re: Question about updated scores

An inquiry is liable to cause a decrease in your Fico. Fico scores are generated on the fly based on the info in the report so a change at 1PM will possibly affect a score asked for at 1:01PM
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