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Why Is Equifax Scores the lowest?

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Why Is Equifax Scores the lowest?

Can you answer that for me Brammy?
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It would depend on what info is reporting to all three bu...

It would depend on what info is reporting to all three bureau but also the account status each bureau has for each account.  For example, EQ ihas the longest history of all of my accounts but for some reason it has the lowest score.  No derogs are different on any of them but I did notice that my student loan is reporting as not in repayment while on the other two they are reporting as unknown but paid as agreed.  Hoefullly when this updates across the board today, EQ will overtake the other two.
It should as it has almost a full ten years pf pymnt history not on the others as well as a 10K loan that has been PIF but yet that score is lower.
Can one of the mods let me know how that works?  On True credit it should be 60 points higher than the middle but not according to Fair Issac

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Re: Why Is Equifax Scores the lowest?

Scores differ among CRA's when your reports have different data. This can happen when an account isn't reported to all three CRA's. Sometimes delininquencies aren't reported to all CRA's.

The most common source of score differences arises because inquiries to your file when you apply for credit are rarely distributed evenly across all CRA's. If a greater number are pulled from one particularly CRA, that CRA score will be depressed more by inquries than the others.

Each CRA has historical roots within specific sections of the country and when a creditor pulls a report for an individual in a given section, they tend to pull a report from the corresponding CRA. Consequently, it's often the case that your score is lowest for the agency that has the strongest relationship with your area of the country (if you've actively been seeking credit).

- Harry

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