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Posts not marked as "read"

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Posts not marked as "read"

This has been happening during the last few months.


I read a post.  From start to finish.  The post will be in light font, indicating I read the post.  When I leave that forum, later return to the same forum, the post is in dark font again, implying that I never read it.


Under options, the mark all posts as read button does not work either -- for the topic or for the forum.  


Suggestions for getting the posts to remain "read" and the unread meter to update?


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Re: Posts not marked as "read"

Is this happening for every post that you read?   Also are you on desktop or mobile, and which browser?


I haven't seen this happen before, at least the only time that I've noticed it is when someone added a new post to a thread or updated a previous response. 

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