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EQ score not updating in almost 3mo


Re: EQ score not updating in almost 3mo

Hi all - If you have a concern about your Equifax alerts, the best thing to do is to contact our Customer Care team - they are there to help with these types of questions and can help you figure out if there is an issue with your Equifax alerts. They can also help you go over your credit reports and alerts. Since this is a public forum, we can't help you directly on here and have to go through Customer Care even if we wanted to. You can contact them at 1-800-319-4433 (Mon - Fri 6am to 6pm PT & Sat 7am to 4pm PT).


Also, it's stickied at the top of the board, but I'll post it here again: while this board is intended to be the place for myFICO customers to share information with others, it should not be confused with myFICO Customer Care.  The moderators and administrators here don't have access to the account information needed to resolve specific product-related issues for individuals, so please direct any questions that require access to your own account to myFICO Customer Care. 



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