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Fico billing question

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Fico billing question

I don't know if I am posting this in the correct place but...
We signed hubby up for fico 3b scores back when we didn't know it takes 6 months of credit activity to generate a score. Fico placed a pending charge on our debit card then they quickly removed it when they could not pull scores.

My question is will they automatically re-bill us when scores become available or will we have to initiate it ourselves?

Thanks in advance 🙃

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Re: Fico billing question

You might want to use the report post feature and ask a mod to move your post to this board:


That said, sending a message or calling might get you a quicker more accurate answer.

I am doubtful they can just auto-renew & bill in 6 months since technically your service had never started right? So there shouldn't be a renewal but all of this is just speculation.



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Re: Fico billing question

Thank you Pikaboo-icu
I'll just call them. I didn't want a surprise charge is all

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