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Regular Contributor Poor Service/Updates

Problem 1: When I first signed up for Equifax monitoring (monthly reports but daily updates if changes are detected) it worked great. Acore updated daily and instant alerts for inq's and, nothing. Had to pay $15 by pulling fresh report to manually update my score meanwhile CK and others reported instantly.
Problem 2: I ordered a TU report and the simulator will not work. It says "you only have authorized user accounts and therefore we cannot simulate a score". Reality: I have 1 AU acct closed from 7yrs ago and thats it. All 6 other accts are mine and current. support blamed TU. Then they stated it was a Myfico bug. I called and sent messages and no response. What gives?

This service costs ALOT of money! Im ready to cancel
EX - TU - EQ FICO8's
Mar-2018 - 550/580/610 -
Jun-2018 - 637/655 /704
09-Sep-2018 - 732 /748/778 - Inqs12mo - 3/3/9
Thanks to you all Smiley Happy
Oldest 12.2yr - AAoA - 30months
NFCU 25k + 3k->9k + 12k ----- USAA/CrapOne - 1.3k --- F-Hut - 0.087k LOL
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Re: Poor Service/Updates

Sign into the members area.
  1. Sign into the members area. ...
  2. Click “My subscriptions” in right sidebar, it's found under “Account settings”.
  3. Scroll to the subscription you want to cancel and click “Cancel subscription” which is found under “What do you want to do”.
  4. Receive cancellation confirmation.

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