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Over-complicated and often confusing user experience on every aspect of myFICO.

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Over-complicated and often confusing user experience on every aspect of myFICO.

I'm going to start with my quest to submit feedback to myFICO, because it's the freshest in my mind at the moment. I found Support, but then had to spend sometime figuring out what product I was using - because I had no idea before running into that contact form. Seeing the tiny comment box, I realized I probably couldn't submit feedback this way as there was probably a character limit. I eventually found the forums, but was confused because all I saw on the page were applications to credit cards and other loans. I completely missed the tiny box asking me to choose my username at the bottom of the page. Much to my dismay, this giant, predatory upsell was on every page of the forums. I'm tech savvy, work as a UX designer, in fact, and because I was confused, I'm sure people less savvy, or less familiar with tech have fallen prey to signing up for this even without being sure it was what they wanted to do. 


Anyway, after finally finding the Feedback part of the forum, I notice there are 9 stickies. Most of these are unnecessary, but I guess you decided to be consistent in your over-complicatedness. 

I've had a frustrating experience using myFICO online so far, not because of it's lack of service or reports or alerts or whatever, but because the web app is so complicated and cumbersome, and provides no simple, effortless solutions for finding information - outside of the dashbord's credit score gauges (good job on this part). 

I wish there was a simplified version, even if it was it's own product. I'm afraid I have to cancel this and will jsut stick to using Capital One's Credit Simulator. It's a much better experience, much easier to use. CO's app also sends updates on my score. I've realized that no, I don't actually need alerts for every balance change or every slight score adjustment. It's not worth ~$40/month when that money could just be put down on a credit balance. 

The fact that this is a finance product without web 2.0 buttons and tiny text (like the forum and support parts of myFICO), I'm guessing that the myFICO app was either designed or redesigned in the past year or two. It looks nice, it does, but the experience is severely lacking. If you aren't already, please consider conducting user testing and/or focus groups to further improve your product. You'd be surprised how much more willing people are to give you their money when you create an easy and even enjoyable experience. 


Edit: Just realized I have FICO Ultimate 3B lol. 

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