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SW Questions

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SW Questions

I signed up for SW on Aug 2nd.  I have it set to alert me if I see an account increase of $100 or more on an account.  I also target score set at my current score.  I know my cc increased by $125.  I've seen it on an EX report.  When should I see an alert?



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Re: SW Questions

When did it update on EX? OCs don't update to all 3 on the same day, or rather, all 3 don't update at once (TU seems to be the slowed, usually).


You might see more of a benefit if you reduced the balance settings to as low as possible. While you might get more alerts, if your score changed due to the alert, then you'll stand to get more EQ FICO score updates. Also, make sure your target score is ALWAYS equal to your current score. That way if your score increases or decreases by any value then you'll get alerted.

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