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Signed up for ScoreWatch but nothing appears

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Signed up for ScoreWatch but nothing appears

Hello everyone,


I'm a college student and have had no accounts yet, but thought I'd sign up for ScoreWatch and see where I stood. 


I think I'm answering my own question here, but when I was taken to the main SW page, there was nothing except some links along the right and two large boxes for credit scores up at the top with "???" in them and an offer to pay to receive the score(s).


That's what I thought I'd already done. Hmm.


Even if I have no data, wouldn't you think that something would at least appear saying " have no data!" 


Thanks for any help/guidance.


PS: Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, but I couldn't see a more appropriate place to post this question where it might be seen.  





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Re: Signed up for ScoreWatch but nothing appears

Unfortunately, FICO cannot score you without a credit history and without open accounts:


You shouldn't have been charged. Post back if you have any issues.


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