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USB Altitude Go Secured while in a 13

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USB Altitude Go Secured while in a 13

I'm currently 9 months from completing my 13, thankfully my trustee views secured cards as not being an extension of credit needing approval, with that in mind 3 months ago I started the process of building


In November I applied for USB Cash+ Secured, I did IIB USB in my 13 so was a little worried about how they'd react, had a minor hiccup to verify ID but once that was completed no issues with approving the card


1/31/22 I figured I'd go another step and apply for USB Alt Go Secured, called yesterday to be sure there were no ID hiccups, agent told me "nope, I see it approved - we'll withdraw your funds and issue the card shortly"


Next up - I'm hearing NFCU will issue a secured card while in a 13, so in a couple weeks I'll give that a try


Hopefully with 3 cards reporting I'll have a jump start on rebuilding once I finish my 13 later this fall, just have a few incorrect items posting from Mich Ed CU that I'm working with them to correct (they reported 3 months of lates after my date of filing, when they went to correct it they reported a new 13 filing in Jan 22...ugh, hopefully they'll get this corrected soon)

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Re: USB Altitude Go Secured while in a 13

Congrats. Foot in the door.

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Re: USB Altitude Go Secured while in a 13

Just an update, applied for the nRewards secure card, immediately got the credit pull notice, NFCU said they'd let me know in 24-48 hours, 6 hours later noticed the funds were now frozen/unavailable but showing in my account, 30 minutes later received an email saying I was approved 👍


so 3 secured cards open, I'm guessing I should now just sit back and wait til my case concludes in the fall (unless anyone has any other suggestions) 

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