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710 score enough for Quicksilver?

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Re: 710 score enough for Quicksilver?

@Leilei401734 wrote:
Thank you so much for the link. There was a Quicksilver upgrade button waiting there for me. Everything from my platinum card is switching over to the Quicksilver card 😁

That's great. Happy for you 

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Re: 710 score enough for Quicksilver?

after a whole year getting letter from cap1 saying that i was pre aprovved for the platinum i tried quicksilver today and was rejected with 699 score. my fico was actually 714 in late august , so not sure whats going on.

this was the explanation, but it does not make sense.


Length of time accounts have been established - 1 account only BOA cash rewards since feb 2018

Too many consumer finance company accounts. only 1 credit card. 2 personal loads 100% paid since may.

Too many inquiries last 12 months-   1 inquiriy for apartment and 3 for credit

Time since most recent account opening is too short.- BOA cash rewards since feb 2018

Number of inquiries on credit report

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