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Backdoor Numbers

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Backdoor Numbers

(Kudos and thank you to forum member Sylviatob, who authored the original version of this fabulously helpful thread).

A "backdoor number" is one that gets you past frontline CSR's directly to Credit Analysts / Credit Departments / Account Managers / Account Specialists (different lenders call 'em different things) - these individuals/departments have decision-making abilities greater than frontline CSR's, they are able to take and review requests for reconsideration of denied CC apps or CLI requests, APR reductions, etc., and implement their decisions.

Backdoor numbers and the individuals to whom they connect you can be useful in requesting a reduced APR if you feel your credit profile warrants a lower one, or in requesting a review of a denied credit application or declined request for a credit limit increase, if you feel your credit profile deserves an approval, but they aren't magic wands - as with anything, your mileage may vary depending on your individual credit profile.

This thread relies on input and feedback from YOU! Smiley Happy If you try a number and find that it is no longer working, changed to a regular/frontline CSR number, or other, non-backdoor number, PLEASE PM any Moderator or submit the request here so that it can be updated accordingly!

Thanks to everyone who has PM'd me about dead numbers, new numbers, numbers that turn out to be not true backdoor numbers, etc.!

This thread only works because the whole community helps keep it updated! Smiley Happy

- Scamp

Amalgamated Bank of Chicago - ABOC Platinum Rewards Card: 800-365-6464 - option 5 to speak to a rep (who can't tell you whether its approved or denied but can tell you  if they've processed your app and a date something was mailed to you) - sasha123


AmEx Collections Dept: 800-921-6490 (people on blacklist can call this number)
AmEx: 800-567-1083 (App Status - Use with caution if attempting a denied app recon; have been advised that they can only resubmit app with another hard pull)

AmEx: 800-952-7562 (credit limit increase specialist/team)
AmEx: 800-230-1284 (Account Services - handles accounts with issues)
AmEx: 800-700-7619 (Reserves - handles closed and charged-off accounts)

Amex: 800-528-4800 (Rate reduction line) ~Themanwhocan
American Express Credit Bureau Unit: 800-874-2717. (Must have a current credit report before calling. They will ask for the account number from the credit report, which is different from your card number)

Barclays: 888-232-0780 (Customer Care)

Barclays: 877-683-1400 (Security Dept)

Barclays: 866-205-5973 (credit analyst 24 hours) 

Barclays: 866-408-4064 (credit analyst - MAY have limited hours)

Barclays: 866-663-6532 (Portfolio Credit,  M-F 8 to 5 EST) - baller4life

Barclays: 800-308-6008 (New Apps) - CramElko

Barclays: 866-918-5212 (best for settling account) - Rudoja00


Best Buy: 800-365-0292 (CSR)
Best Buy MasterCard & Citi Credit Card Executive Office: 423-477-6858 -CreditAddict 07/2014

BofA: 800-421-2110 – Customer Satisfaction
BofA: 888-991-8222 – Customer Satisfaction

BofA: 877-721-9405 (App Status - Choose Option 3)

BofA: 800-732-9194

BofA: 888-260-4696 (secured accts.)
BofA: 800-824-5895 (secured & partially secured accts.)
BofA: 800-881-4730 (Loan Dept.?)

BofA Biz UW: 888-770-6635 - willpepplin
BofA Credit Dept Fax: 888-500-6270

BofA/FIA: 800-655-1491 for 24-hr automated balance, app status, and payment information.  ~score_building

BofA Fraud Monitoring: 877-833-5617

BofA Rate Reduction Team (800-770-6459) or (800-421-2110) available 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST Monday - Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST Friday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST Saturday, closed Sunday

BP/Amoco App Status: 800-365-6204

BP Business Solutions Gas Card: 877-463-1632 (credit dept M-F/8-5) stay silent and xfers to credit - Pizza1

Cap1: 800-625-7866 (Account Specialist for Apps)
Cap1: 800-951-6951 (Customer Relations)

Cap1: 800-548-4593 (App Status - automated only)

Cap1: 800-955-7070 (App Status) Select App for New then Option 2 to check App status - sasha123
Cap1: 800-889-9939 or 800-625-7866.(Account Specialist)
Cap1: 877-513-9959 (Account Retention?)
Cap1: 800-258-9319 (Debt Recovery)
Cap1 Secured Platinum: 800-219-7931 (deposit taker, can speak to credit analyst)
Cap1: 800-707-0489 (Senior Escalation Account Mgrs)


GM Lending Dept: 800-395-2120 - (Analyst) they cannot assist with other Cap 1 CCs -VeganMakePeace

Chase: 800-436-7927 (App status - automated)

Chase: 800-945-2000 (App status with option to speak to rep.) ~SGTtar

Chase: 888-270-2127 (App Recon - Credit Analyst) ~Credit_hawk

Chase: 888-622-7547 (Chase Executive Ofc. in IL)

Chase: 800-955-9900 (Product change status questions)
Chase: 888-688-6708 (Verification department)  ~credit to Express & PinkPanther3719 for the clarification

Chase: 800-278-8830 (Verification/fraud deparment) ~LuckyFico

Chase/JPMorgan Priority Services: 800-527-7415 8am-7pm-EST ~Btino858

Chase: 800-453-9719 (Business Analyst Recon) ~Yes-Its-Me

Chase: 888-609-7805 (Credit Card "Lending") ~Vulcan1600

Chase: 888-298-5623 (transferring credit limits from card to another) - IncrsCreditScore


Chevron/Texaco Biz Card App Status: 888-243-8358
Chevron Cust Service: 800-243-8766

Citi: 888-201-4523 (New App Approval Status)
Citi AA: 888-662-7759
Citi App Status: 800-645-7240, 800-288-4653, 800-750-7453
Citi: 800-763-9795 (App status?? They ask for your app #)
Citi Credit Bureau Dispute Fax: 866-713-5028
Citi EO for the Citi Cards division: 605-331-1698 (Open at 9AM CST) ~popamode72

Citi Retail Banking EO: 866-336-7285  ~maiden_girl (updated 7/2018 to include "Retail Banking" ~ request by Citi)

Citi: 301-733-5501 (New App Status) ~eagle2013
Citi: 800-695-5171 (New App Status appears w/decision ability?) - Bubka3


Comenity: 800-303-1368 (Recon) ~Happychap

Comenity: 614-729-3159 ~tussking

Comenity Account Protection: 866-668-5450 (Verification of identity) ~Ron1

Comenity Account Control: 800-888-1726 (Assistance if ID Verification has failed) - MRsolis 

Comenity Fraud Dept: 866-668-5446 ( lost/stolen card) open at 8:00AM EST ~Ron1


Commerce Bank Consumer Loan Underwriting Dept: 800-446-7766 - Jfriend33


Discover: 302-328-3300 (Exec Office) - 12njoy
Discover: 888-676-3695 (Recon)
Discover: 800-347-4856 (CLI Specialist)

Elan Financial Services: 800-685-7680

ExxonMobil Biz Card: 800-903-9966


Fifth Third Bank Phone: 800-457-0842 - Select 3 for a CSR (Credit Card App Status) 


FNBO: 800-444-6220 (UW/Credit Reallocations) ~ gdale6 & navigatethis12

FNBO: Business apps CS: 402.602.4333 - LP007


Home Depot Store Card: 423 467 6957 (App Status/Recon)
Home Depot MC (Commercial): 800-720-0649

Hooters: 801-545-6705, 800-850-4668

HSBC: 866-355-6041 (Credit Analyst, as of 2/2/2019) - DaveInAZ

HSBC: 866-574-4421 (App Status)

HSBC: 844-867-5750 (online apps - live person)

HSBC: 866-280-0118 (Executive Resolution Unit)

HSBC: 888.385.8916 (24 Hr CC Info) - DaveInAZ

Juniper: 866-408-4064 (Credit Analyst)
Juniper/Barclays: 866-750-6031 (Corporate Offices)

Key Bank: 888-201-4523 (App status)
Key Bank MC: 800-288-4653
Key Bank Credit Research Fax: 216-357-6404

Lowes: 800-445-6937 (App Status)
Lowes: 866-232-7443 (Biz Acct. Underwriting)
Lowes Fraud/Underwriting/Credit Dept: 800-444-1408

Macy's: 800-627-2909 (Credit Dept - new credit, inquiries on upgrade to Visa AmEx, credit reporting issues)
Macy's: 800-543-9617 (Recovery Services)

Macy's: 800-477-2167 ( Credit Account Specialist, reconsideration and limit increases)

Meijers MC: 801-517-5560


Merrick Bank: 877-790-5648 ~newUser0


PayPal Identity verification: 888-361-0687 - abnormalspring


Philips 66: 866-289-5630, 800-610-1961


PNC: 800-762-0974 (Credit Dept)


Saks Fifth Avenue: 866-500-7257 (App Status)   ~Ron1

Sallie Mae Visa: 877-564-7965 (Credit Dept)

Sam's Club: 800-301-5546, 866-246-4282 (Underwriting)
Sam's Club/WalMart: 877-294-7541 (escalated help desk)

Sears: 800-599-9710 (Comm'l Accts)
Sears: 866-533-1820 (Sears credit bureau dispute FAX number)

Shell: 800-223-3296, 866-438-7435
Shell: 800-377-5150

Staples: 800-767-1291, 800-282-5316

Sunoco Corp. Card: 800-935-3387, 800-278-6626
Sunoco: 800-310-4773

Synchrony Bank: 800-480-0186 (New Accounts ID Vertification: Monday-Friday  8AM ET-Midnight 12 ET) ~ Ron1

Corporate Accounts: 866-913-4275  ~Duke84


Synchrony: (except WalMart): 866-419-4096
Synchrony: 866-519-6441 (Credit Analyst/Credit Solutions)
Synchrony Credit Solutions: 877-379-8173 (Overseas)

Synchrony: 937-534-6180 ( Fraud Dept/locked account)

Synchrony: 866-664-2315 (Fraud/Verification/New Accounts) ~nihao


Target: 866-225-7041 (New accounts, i.e. 7-10 day message)


Target Biz Card: 800-440-5317

Tiffany: 800-770-0800


Toyota Financial Visa: 866-865-7757

Union Bank: 800-711-6471 (Credit Card Underwriting)  jaebsf

US Bank: 800-947-1444, 800-685-7680 (Underwriting)
US Bank Corp. & Comm'l Cards: 800-344-5696 (may not be "true" backdoor number - someone please PM me if this is frontline CS)
US Bank: 800-308-3648 (Debt Recovery)

Valero: 877-882-5376

Wal-Mart: 800-480-0205 (personal accounts)
Wal-Mart: 800-301-5546 (commercial accounts only)
Wal-Mart Underwriting: 877-294-7548; 877-294-8770
WalMart/Sam's Club: 877-294-7541 (escalated help desk)

Wells Fargo: 800-967-9521 (credit card underwriting) ~Brax

Wells Fargo: 866-412-5956 or 866-412-5957  (UW)  ~michael_us & Lyythine

Wells Fargo: 866-677-1128 (now Executive Office)  ~Brax

Wells Fargo Financial National Bank: 866-535-2725 (Executive Office) ~high-flyer

Wex Bank - Credit/UW: (888)842-0075 - Pizza1


It's never too late to become the person you might have been. ~George Eliot

02/12/09 EX: 701 / 02/08/10 EQ: 719 / 02/08/10 TU: 723

Backdoor Numbers, Credit Scoring 101, Understanding Your FICO Score PDF
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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Sylvia I am LOVING YOU right now!!  Thank you so very much!!!  I was able to get my orchard bank and household bank combined bringing my cl to 2k on my household card which i have had the longest.  WHOOO HOOO!!
And I felt bold enough to call Cap 1 to do the same with the 1k cl card combined it wi/750 cli to a nice 1750 Cli.  I am in tears right now, i am so excited and grateful!!  I would have never thought to have called if I didnt have this information!!  Thank you is such a small phrase of how really appreciative I am!  Thanks again.  I am heading in the right direction for sure!!
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Re: Backdoor Numbers

[ I didn't do it! It wasn't me! (and if I did it, I promise not to do it again) LOLOL. ]

Why thank you for the kind words pretty! Smiley Happy I love hearing success stories. We all do. Super congrats for doing all those things too! The system.....she works!

Yes you ARE heading in the right direction. Keep up the good work! Smiley Happy

Edit to add: I can't take all or even a part of the credit. I just pass along to others what I have learned from others in this wonderful forum.

Hey! If you blame anyone, blame those people! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

The Chase number above is a GREAT!!!!
I just called to have a recon after I got a flat decline online. I got the decline in the mail today and called the number above and after 5 minutes I had an approval and 3000CL.
Oh, I love this site!! Smiley Wink
You'll never know if you dont try!!
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Re: Backdoor Numbers

This site rocks!!!  I got my recently approved Chase card w/ a limit of $400.  Called the back door number and got it approved to 2k Yahoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This site ROCKs!! I am so thrilled!!!! 
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Re: Backdoor Numbers

OMG!!! You guys rock my world!!

I was declined with Chase Southwest Rewards Card 3 weeks ago and I attempted to recon 5 times and each time the answer was a big fat...NO!!! So today I decide to just try again and ..........VOILA'....Approved!!!! It is for a $500 credit limit just to help me build credit history but I was approved by a prime lender!!!!

THANK YOU!!!! I would never have the courage to keep trying unless without each and everyone of you and your information. Thank you so very much!!!

The number I used was 1-888-245-0625 Chase

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

DH just called the backdoor number for Orchard Bank and got his CL increased from $600 to $800.  It was the most painless CC phone call he ever made. 
Thanks a bunch for those numbers.
DH's FICOS: July '08 TU-661 / EQ-593 / EX-656 --> April '09 TU-730 / EQ-705 / EX-685

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Thanks guys for posting these numbers. I applied for the Chase Freedom online. Didn't get instant approval so the next day I called the backdoor number 1-888-245-0625 for a credit analyst. They originally were going to deny me for some derogatory information that I wasn't aware of but after pulling a 2nd report that was clean, they approved me with a credit line that matches my other cards. Now I'm just waiting for it in the mail. I've heard good things about this card, so I'm happy. Thanks again.
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Re: Backdoor Numbers

I just called Orchard Bank, who denied me a CLI 2 weeks ago at the front door, however I just received a $400.00 increase at the back door.
Thank You Fico Forum Mates!!!
7/12/08: TU-602, Eq-597, Exp-581

07/24/08: TU-610, Eq-597, Exp-583

09/01/08: TU-610, Eq-614, Exp-600
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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Also just got off the phone with Chase, I've been trying for a CLI for the past 6 months.  One call to the backdoor number and presto... $8,000 CLI to bring my CL to $23K!  I was actually going for a 15K CLI to bring my CL to $30K but a 23K CL will work for now Smiley Very Happy

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