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Backdoor Numbers

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

The backdoor number for Juniper works!!!  You are instantly connected to a real person who pulls up your account and then directs you to the appropriate department.  The people are very professional and courteous, not the normal CS people.  I was able to immediately speak with a credit analyst who was able to pull up all my information and give me a decision without any run around.  I was very happy!

TU (5/14/14): 796 (Inquiries; 8/23/13)
EQ (3/23/14): 791 (Inquiries: 8/23/13)
EX (9/24/13): 780 (Inquiries: 7/2/12; 11/20/12; 7/30/13; 8/23/13)

Goals: No new inquiries for 2014, 800 for all CRs by 12/31/14
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Re: Backdoor Numbers

a couple of weeks ago i called and requested a cli on my orchard card and was denied i called the backdoor number today and recieved a $400 increase
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Re: Backdoor Numbers

recon numbers are awesome i applied for a chase cc yesterday and got  a message saying you will recieve a letter in 7 to 10 days so i called today and spoke to someone she told me it had been denied but that she was going to resubmit my application with full recommendation for approval with a $3000 credit limit
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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Woman Wink I am really excited with such quick results!!


I have called Orchard Bank numerous times using number on back of card only to be DENIED a CLI. I have good payment history, but I just thought since this was a junk card I would never get more.


After being on the phone for maybe three minutes I got my CLI from 320 to 720!! I am so excited. These numbers really worked!


Thank you Myfico.


PS my scores are still in mid 500's, but I'm on my way up!

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Wahoo! Thanks to this board and the backdoor number (9939) at CapOne, I just got a $500 increase before my Credit Steps kicks in. I literally did a little happy dance in my living room.


Details: $1500 limit (now $2000), 2 statements cut, made third payment, it cleared, then the phone call. 

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

I agree, the CapOne # is great, used the 9939 got a $500 cli for a total CL of 1k. Took about 3 minutes and the rep told me to call back in 3 to 6 months if I pay ontime and should expect t odouble my cl to 2k. I actually like CapOne now!!! Smiley Happy Today I'm calling orchard and a recon on a BofA, so we'll see where it goes Smiley Happy
Trying to join the 700 club by mid 09
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12/08: TU: 579 EXP: 628 EQ: 587
01/09: TU: 644 EXP: 634 EQ: 630
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Re: Backdoor Numbers (thanks, Sylviatob!!)

Just called CAP1 800-625-7866 and they gave me a CLI of $300.00.


Well at least that's something for CAP.



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Re: Backdoor Numbers (thanks, Sylviatob!!)

WOW!  Thanks for the backdoor numbers. 


My Emigrant Direct (Juniper Bank) MC credit limit was decreased from $1500. to $500. for no apparent reason.  Called the regular number and was told it was due to lack of use, and that it was "an irreversible bank decision".  (t Now there's an interesting term considering the current economic climate!)


Called the "credit analyst" backdoor number you provided, and spoke with an RLHB (Real Live Human Being), who asked me a few questions, and ran an authorized hard pull.  After less than one minute on hold, the Rep notified me of a credit reconsideration.  New CL...$7,500!!!


Thanks again!


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Re: Backdoor Numbers (thanks, Sylviatob!!)

Wow.  CAP1 just gave me a $500 CLI.  This is fantastic. You guys are ANGELS!!!!
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Re: Backdoor Numbers (thanks, Sylviatob!!)

The Cap1 number 9939 number worked for me last week.  I had a limit of $500 and after explaining what I was looking for, the rep submitted my request and asked for my income. After about one minute i was approved for a CLI of $3500.00! I almost dropped the phone lol. 


I think the fact that i pay my bill sometimes 2x a month, really help. AND I'M GRATEFUL! 


Thanks to you guys on this board Smiley Happy


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