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Backdoor Numbers

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Chase executive office number has changed to: 800-242-7399

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Update for some folks (BofA only) from a personal experience, including another analyst line.  See below.


A few things to help out the general community:

- Another analyst line is 888-762-5486.  The system informs you your call may be recorded or monitored for quality assurance and then puts you on hold for a credit analyst.

- There are at least 2 teams of BofA credit analysts--as a Priority Client, the initial credit analyst I spoke to said I'd have more luck asking my question about exceeding $100k in unsecured CL through the bank with a Preferred Client Credit Analyst, to whom they transferred me.  My assets with the firm are ~$300k at age 31 and the Preferred Team analyst said that at around $2mn is when you're very likely to exceed the $100k CL.  She also said nothing was set in stone and that I can continue trying every so often if I wish.

What I use (& strongly recommend): Chase Sapphire Reserve | BofA/ML (Premium Rewards VS, Cash Rewards VS, Merrill+ VS) | AmEx (Amazon Prime Business)

What I have: NFCU | PenFed | General Electric CU | Wright Patt CU | Discover | BBVA | Apple Card (GS)

Total CL with Bank of America = $100,000 (Platinum Honors Merrill Client). I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner, so feel free to message me if you have any planning/credit questions.

EQ 759, EX 765, TU 771 (06/10/2022)

I started with scores in the 400s in 2016. This forum is a Godsend--focus on the journey, be patient, and you'll definitely get there no matter the circumstances!

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Barclays: 866-205-5973 (credit analyst 24 hours) 


Opens 8am next business day. I'm calling on a Saturday afternoon 11:45am CST and the recording said i was calling outside normal business hours.


Good Luck!

Updated Feb 2023:
Citi Double Cash: $26,300
Citi Costco: $33,800
PenFed Power Cash: $50,000
Chase Freedom Unlimited: $33,400
NFCU Cash Rewards: $29,000
BoA Unlimited Cash: $99,900
Wells Fargo Active Cash: $50,000
Citi AAdvantage Executive: $30,500
Wells Fargo Mortgage 30yr fixed 3.625%

Business Cards:
BoA Business Advantage Unlimited Cash: $8,000
Chase Ink Business Unlimited: $75,000
Chase Ink Business Unlimited: $75,000

RIP: EECU PLOC | BBVA PLOC | Chase SP | Chase Amazon | Chase Freedom | WF Propel | Cap1 QS | AMEX Gold | BoA Custom Cash | Lowes | Barclays Aviator Red
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Re: Backdoor Numbers

FNBO business apps CS: 402.602.4333

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

This thread is now locked/closed to new messages and will be periodically updated as new information becomes available. We value your input and contributions on this topic. In the event that any of the contact information needs to be updated, please reach out to any of our Moderators or submit the request via this link. Thank you!

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