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Backdoor Numbers

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Is there an updated or suggested recon number for BoA?  I noticed the recon number listed by the OP is noted as "no long works".

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

BoA updated recon number is 888-221-6262
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Re: Backdoor Numbers

where can i find the backdoor number for the BP card

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

@sports1965 wrote:

where can i find the backdoor number for the BP card

Would be under Synchrony Bank credit solutions

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Did I read correctly that Discover is no longer doing recons for CLI's?

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Discovered today that the BofA (888) 503-6092 is no longer working

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Useful Chase numbers (from another website)

Useful Chase Telephone Numbers

(800) 432-3117 – General Application Status Line, automated
(800) 436-7927 – Alternative General Application Status Line, automated
(888) 245-0625 – Personal Reconsideration Line with a live rep
(888) 609-7805 – Alternative Personal Reconsideration line with live rep
(888) 871-4649 – Alternative Personal Reconsideration with live rep
(800) 453-9719 – Business Credit Card Reconsideration Line with live rep
(800) 955-9900 – General Card Services and Application status, automated
(888) 298-5623 – Credit Reallocation Office (Personal cards)
(800) 453-9719 – Credit Reallocation Office (Business cards)
(888) 622-7547 – Executive Offices
(877) 470-9042 – Personal Application Verification line with live rep
Twitter: @ChaseSupport
note: automated line responses stating they will notify you in 2 weeks often result in an approval; automated line responses stating they will notify you in 7-10 days often result in a denial.
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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Does anyone have a Recon for Bloomingdales?

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

In these Backdoor Numbers are we to assume they are valid ONLY during business days or if not, can someone edited the ones that do perform U/W 7 days a week.

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

This forum has been great 2m through the years.

Your research and fight has helped me and many others be able to live life again.

Went though a terrible divorce and you guys helped me learn how to live off of credit cards.

Not only have you done that, but you have helped me in knowing what to do in some tuff credit repair situations.

This community is about more than credit. It's about life. Money is about life and credit isabout money.

I just called for a CLI on my Walmart and they took me from $600 to $4000 on a softpull based on wisdom learned here.

A phone number that was posted here.

Now my wisdoms and experiences will be posted here to help the next person that runs into ife's troubles.


P.S. is the DUCK card stil a go here.

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