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Hotel credit cards

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Re: Hotel credit cards

@Anonymous wrote:

 Then it gives 6x on restaurants, gas and groceries while giving lounge access and gold status at Hilton, which SPG will also match, as well as Marriott.

I have both Aspire and SPG cards from Amex.    Status match is available SPG/Marriott to Hilton, but not reverse way.

IMO it is your preference....If you prefer large chain, I think Hilton Aspire is very solid option.  If you like independent hotels, Venture is.

Also check Small luxury hotels.  They give you a free status when you request.

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Re: Hotel credit cards

Yes, thas a high upfront fee but youre getting 500 bucks back every year in credits. Airline credits and Hilton credits.One trip could easily give you 450 bucks in value. Free breakfast for an entire stay, room upgrades, late check in, late check out etc. If youre looking fo rvalue in a hotel credit card, the Aspire is definately hard to beat. It pays for itself. I went with the Ascend as I already have the Platinum and vlaue wise, it doesnt make fiscal sense to pay for multiple premium cards around the 500 bucks a year range.One is enough for me. The Aspire would be my one if I didnt already have one, simply because of my relationship with Hilton.

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