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Macy’s love button change

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Re: Macy’s love button change

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:
+1 @CreditInspired

If you call, make sure to let them know you would like sp cli. Do note though, Macys credit limits do affect your overall Citi exposure so make sure you really need the high limitSmiley Wink

I did not think of that. No wonder both my Citi cards keep telling me I’ve reached my internal limit when they decline my CLI requests. Thanks @averagejoescredit for that piece of info. 

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Re: Macy’s love button change

You are welcome @CreditInspired Smiley Happy

I know this is why ill never see an sp cli with my DP or DCSmiley Wink. Having low income and a 25k Macys soon to be Amex will do that for ya😂
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Re: Macy’s love button change

My Macy’s Amex is sitting at 19k, and luv button is there. 

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Re: Macy’s love button change

The love button is there for my Macy’s Amex. The problem is, it is not for my pure play Macy’s.

I have not yet called because I’ve been pondering a AJC’s advice about it affecting all citi limits.

Considering BBVA and 5% cards. (Forgive typos, mobile.)(Everything said is Just IMHO.)
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