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New House New Cards!

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New House New Cards!

I close on my house next week and am excited to open some new cards!


I have 5 inquires in the past two years, and my TU score (according to Disco) is 740.


I think I'll open the cards in this order assuming PNC and Citi will be the hardest:

PNC Cash Rewards -> Citi Double Cash -> PenFed Pathfinder -> Lowes


What do you guys think? Will my 5 inquires turn any of these banks off?

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Re: New House New Cards!

go with Citi premier. Grab the bonus,

one year later PC to double cash

AF is waived for the first year

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Re: New House New Cards!

Do you still think I should apply to PNC first assuming they're harder?

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Re: New House New Cards!

PNC Cash Rewards ->  I know with these guys they're INQ sensitive as they shot me down with 5 on my EX report

Citi Double Cash -> Easy but, as someone said aim for the Bonu$ and then downgrade after a year 

PenFed Pathfinder -> couldn't say

Lowes -> Appliances?  Grows quick w/ a call to Credit Solutions


W/ Mid 700''s I'm more inclined to say shop around a bit more unless you're dead set on these 4 in particular.

I would check here and see if there's anything else that's more enticing and it's all broken down by lender.

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Re: New House New Cards!

My only 2 cents here is that I've had a PNC card for quite some time and found it to be one of the most under utilized in my fleet.  It was never a 'grower' or a high SL, and doesn't appear to be compared to the rest of my arsenal.  Although I do plenty of banking with them, it's never been a generous card.  I'm inclined to say shoot for something else but, depending on your intentions and/or benefits from it, it could be the right card for you.  

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Re: New House New Cards!

Thank you so much for posting that link. It helped me locate a link for a 50K SUB for the Delta Skymiles Platinum I plan on applying for in two weeks!!!
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