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Pen Fed Application

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Pen Fed Application

Hi Friends. I am a PenFed member with 2 of their cc. I applied for a gold visa and got a screen that said “finish setting up your account “ and it asked me about balance transfers and AU.

Then the next screen states “YOUR ALL SET!” And below that it states “application pending”.

I’m so confused . Approval or denials ?
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Re: Pen Fed Application

PenFed is a bit on the slow side but I would say you probably have an approval there. Call them on monday if its not done yet and im sure they can give you and update. Best of luck.

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Re: Pen Fed Application

It means it’s pending. It can go either way, I have been approved and also denied with the same verbiage.
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Re: Pen Fed Application

PenFed is odd.

Every time I knew I was approved, I was denied.

Every time I knew I would denied, I was approved.


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Re: Pen Fed Application

@texasman07 wrote:
... Then the next screen states “YOUR ALL SET!” 

I hope you copied that wrong. I'd hate to have to cancel my accounts.

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Re: Pen Fed Application

I find this just their normal process. You have to set up whether you want AU or balance transfer before they decide the app so i just look at this as part of the application. I agree the way its worded gives you hope but ive been disappointed plenty after seeing thatSmiley Wink
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Re: Pen Fed Application

Your application has gone to manual underwriting; happens with many PenFed apps so its not unusual.

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