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PenFed Membership

Auto Loans for ANY Credit Situation. Immediate Response.
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Re: PenFed Membership

Thanks @Finstar

I just logged into my acct and checked my app status, it shows me a message: " Turned down. Reason: lack of recently established accounts." What do they really mean with this reason? Should I call them tomorrow for a reason? I am not sure if they pull my CR but I don't se any new inq shop up on my report so far.
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Re: PenFed Membership

Ok so what does the rest of your overall profile look like? What's your AAoA and what kinds of tradelines do you currently have? It's possible that you can have them reconsider the decision if you feel your profile can support getting it overturned.

On the upside, at least the PLOC was approved since that product is slightly harder to obtain than their CCs (from a revolving tradeline perspective).
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Re: PenFed Membership

What's ploc? Sorry
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Re: PenFed Membership

@DU556 wrote:
What's ploc? Sorry

PLOC= Personal Line of Credit


Below is a link that can provide some guidance with most common abbreviations used on the forums Smiley Happy:

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