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Question about Apple Card recent CLI denial

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Question about Apple Card recent CLI denial

So I’ve had the card just about 90 days - I’ve tried in the past at 60 days for an increase knowing it most likely wouldn’t go through - I got an email saying the account was to knew. So I waited until today to try again. I’ve read people saying the best time to ask is during a new quarter when GS updates your credit report with them. I was told the next one would be January and it’s best to wait until Jan 5th to request to make sure it’s updated in there system.

I went through the process and just got a denial email. Two things stuck out to me as a bit weird. Hoping some of y’all can clarify for me. First it showed my updated credit score and it said as of “ December 17th 2020” from what I understand and said above I thought they update in January? Not a huge deal but was just curious.

Next my reason for denial was as stated -

“Your recent payments on Apple Card did not cover a significant portion of your monthly balance”

This makes no sense to me because I ran up 2k out of the 3k credit limit and immediately paid it off In full on the due date. Since then I made a few more charges about $200 worth around Christmas that aren’t due till Jan 30th. I don’t know if there denying me off that since it’s not paid down all the way but it’s not technically even due yet? And the only other payment was the one I made in full and zero’d out my balance right on time.

Do you guys think if I pay this small balance off before the due date and then request another one that might trigger that message to go away? I just didn’t think I’d be denied off having a few small charges that aren’t even due yet , so I didn’t think I’d need to pay them before the due date.

Any insight would be much appreciated as always. Thanks everyone

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Re: Question about Apple Card recent CLI denial

@Bs978 Sorry about the denial. Based on the denial reasons, it sounds like they are using an old score that hasn't been updated. 


I would suggest waiting and reapplying.


Unfortunately, I don't know when Goldman Sachs updates their scores. I'll let a more experienced member speak to that. 

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Re: Question about Apple Card recent CLI denial

They have to give you a reason for denying you but it doesn't have to be the actual reason.  Sometimes you just get boilerplate stuff and have to roll with it.

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Re: Question about Apple Card recent CLI denial

In my experience, the GS Apple Card lags on reporting every month. My EQ hasn't updated since oct and TU hasn't updated since Nov. I would wait until you have had the card for 6 motnhs. I got an initial appoval for 4500 and at the annual I got 3k boost with no HP.

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Apple Card CLI denial due to wrong reasons

So I have had the Apple Card for 91 days as of today. I've seen many data points showing ppl having good luck getting CLI on the 91st day as well as I've read about how apple only updates your credit report 4 times a year. This month being one of the months they update somewhere around the 1st -5th is what I see people say. 

I put in a CLI request and got a quick denial email with this as the reasoning..



  • Your recent payments on Apple Card did not cover a significant portion of your monthly balance



That doesn't make sense because I charged up the card to about 80% of its 3000k limit and on the due date I paid it in full down to zero. Since then I have made a few small charges for a couple hundred but my next due date isn't until the 30th of this month. So as of now I've paid in full and obviously plan to do the same when my next payment is due. I also noted in the email there pulling my score from back on dec 17th but I thought they update each quarter and January is the new quarter ? Just trying to figure out why I was denied since I've made the payments in full. I don't think it could be because of the small amount of charges on the card now because like I said they aren't even due until the 30th. I could try paying them off early and requesting another CLI but not sure that will fix anything. 

Can anyone drop some info on what they think is the issue ? I understand CLI's aren't a guarantee but that was the only reason for denial they gave me and it just isn't true. 

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