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$100 Auto-CLI Walmart, pffftttt....and an (UPDATE)

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Re: $100 Auto-CLI Walmart, pffftttt....and an (UPDATE)

Got my first auto increase ever GE sometime this week. I logged on to pay by balance before the statement cut and was shocked. It was only $100 but I opened a Dillard's account last Friday and a Macy's last Sunday. With 2 new cards in a week they didn't have to grant anything. I won't push my luck with the back door. 

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Current Score: EQ: 678 (4/9/13) Trans/Walmart: 693 (5/13/13) EX: 648 (4/10/13) Lender pull

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Re: $100 Auto-CLI Walmart, pffftttt....and an (UPDATE)

I just requested an increase went from 400 to 800 I have very high until about 45% (taking advantage of new accounts bonuses, Paying in full next week)and 3 open accounts fairly new. I have had the walmart card for only a month. Took me 3 different ears to get a yes but still got it. You should call they are very good with line increases. Good luck, And by the way congrats OP on the increase

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