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Card Successful CLI & Penfed Gold App

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Card Successful CLI & Penfed Gold App

Just chatted with GS and requested a CLI on my Card with success, another 1K increase.  Slow and steady.  I started at $4,500 in August when the card was invite only.  So far, I've gotten 3 successful CLIs, all 1K each.  Appears 90 days is the sweet spot, but I can't say for sure how many in a row they will continue to approve?  My TU scores have improved quite a bit though.


Also, I did a CLI request on my Penfed Power Cash Rewards.  Nada!  So, I used the HP to apply for the Gold card since I've read some have been turned down for CLI but approved for a new card.  Not instant, but I did get a message to send them last two paycheck stubs, and the message says premilinary approval or something like that.  So, we'll see.  I'm hoping for 15K or so as I have a 3K balance transfer I'd like to do. But my PCR card is 10K, so that may not happen.  We'll see!


I HAVE to slow my jets on new credit.  I take good care of it, but I feel like continuing to apply for a couple cards every 6 months is a bad habit?

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Re: Card Successful CLI & Penfed Gold App

Grats on the Applew CLI and good luck on the Gold Smiley Happy


If you cn successfully keep track of a number of cards without a problem apping for a few every 6 mos isnt a problem

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Re: Card Successful CLI & Penfed Gold App

Congratulations on your approval and CLI!
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Re: Card Successful CLI & Penfed Gold App

Congratulations 🎊 🎉 🎈 🍾 

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Re: Card Successful CLI & Penfed Gold App

But a 12 month cycle allows you to regain more points so you get better terms.
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Re: Card Successful CLI & Penfed Gold App

Congrats !

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Re: Card Successful CLI & Penfed Gold App

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Re: Card Successful CLI & Penfed Gold App

Congratulations on your Apple Card CLI! Good luck on your PenFed app!

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Re: Card Successful CLI & Penfed Gold App


BOOM.  Congrats on the approval and the CLI.


As for app frequency - you *might* want to push that to a couple of cards per YEAR.  There are some datapoints saying you should wait a year to reduce the "new account smell" on your credit report, then app for whatever you plan to app for, then hold off for another year.  But even with that, there's a point you might just want to say "I have enough, I can tend to what I have" and just garden for a while.  I would argue that an HP every now and then for a CLI, while not gardening by this forum's standard, would be preferable to apping for new cards every year... unless you have the revenue and assets of someone like Raj. 



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Re: Card Successful CLI & Penfed Gold App

👍 Congrats on the CLI and good luck to for the SL from PenFed!

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