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Paypal Credit CLI

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Paypal Credit CLI

I've been a member of Paypal since 2003 although I cant remember when I applied for Paypal Credit, I think it was 2008ish, decided to login to my account via PC and noticed that Paypal Credit gives your Fico 8 TU score and also you can request a credit limit increase now. SL was 2,800 and asked for $10K. Declined for $10K but did recieve an additional $700.


Has anyone confirmed if the tradeline will report or stay hidden?


Fico 8 TU 728

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Re: Paypal Credit CLI

Grats on the CLI Smiley Happy
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Re: Paypal Credit CLI

This was just posted...  CSR indicates reporting is set to begin in the next month or two...



Congrats on your CLI!

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Re: Paypal Credit CLI

Congrats, I had since BillMeLater whatever year that was.


I heard from a Top Tier Rep (I called) She Said: "That Older Accounts would Report sometime Around September."

She was Very Firm on This.


New Accounts are already reporting. as posted by several people, in another myFICO Thread.


what is I am still waiting to see is the actual account opening date. lots of debate on this.

The Top Tier Rep Could not Give Me a Solid Answer, as Some things were not disclosed from the higher up.


so its a wait an see on The Actual opening Date. I will believe it, when I see it Report to the 3 big CRA's,

 as to what the facts will be.


it would be nice to have "that age" Factored in to my Age of All Accounts.

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Re: Paypal Credit CLI

Thanks for the replies guys. I hope it reports the original opened date as well as that would help my AAOA. My oldest card is a 6 yr old Capital One.

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Re: Paypal Credit CLI

@Df82 wrote:
Thanks for the replies guys. I hope it reports the original opened date as well as that would help my AAOA. My oldest card is a 6 yr old Capital One.

I can Guarantee that, if it does not report the History of Payments, and opening Date.

There are going to be some complaints filed, and probably some accounts closed, for that very reason.


I think some closed ahead of time. I took The "wait & See Approach"


it is possible that the Older Accounts not Reporting till September Thing (per The Old Pay Pal CSR)

That is not completely set in stone.


but it could be possible, they have to Gather all The Old Account Information to Report?

That is only a Hopeful Guess on my end, at this point.


as you pointed out, The AAOA would be nice. not so worried about it being a "Hidden" TL at this point.


anyhow, since this is The Approvals Thread, I probably should Limit my rambling.

as I have probably overspent My Nickel.

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