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amex cli- no IV

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Re: amex cli- no IV

Thank you all! Smiley Happy

Starting Score: 600
Current Score: 725
Goal Score: 750

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Re: amex cli- no IV

Congrats on your AMEX CLI

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Re: amex cli- no IV

That's some great news for sure!

Congrats on the 10K CLI, cheers!

NFCU More Rewards 24K CL
AODFCU Visa Signature 5K CL
NFCU Cash Rewards 4K CL
Discover IT 1.5K CL
Cap1 Quicksilver 600 CL
NFCU auto loan
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Re: amex cli- no IV

Congrats on your CLI!

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Re: amex cli- no IV

Congrats on your sweet AMEX CLI 👍🏼

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Re: amex cli- no IV

@CreditJunkie304 wrote:

Hi all!

Just sharing my experience. I've been with amex since 2017 and have 4 personal cards total with them. Always PIF and pretty much use my BCP as an every day card, running around 2500 per month through it. Hit my six month mark and applied for a CLI, went from 27k to 37k instantly. I thought that I had read that 35k was almost always going to trigger IV but somehow I've bypassed it, luck I guess lol. Anyways, scores are around 720-730 on my bureaus and 150k available credit at 4% utilization for those who are curious. Huge thank you to everyone on this forum, has helped me for years.

Any chance you work for an employer that uses an outsourced payroll processor? (e.g. ADP, Onesource)


I recently requested / recieved a CLI from Amex ($41.8k -> $50k) and they already had my current / recently changed income pre-populated in the request form for me to verify or edit, and it's a different amount from the last time I updated it directly with them, which was a couple years ago. I am all but certain that they subscribe to TWN (or a similar service) that actually does IV behind the scenes... 

Fico8 = EQ 775, TU 778, EX 757 (6/2/2021), util = 4.1 % ish
INQ in 12 mo = EQ 8, TU 9, EX 10 (most are mortgage within two combining periods)

Cards =
NFCU: Flagship VS $45k, Plat $24.3k, Plat $10.7k
Amex: Delta Reserve $50k
Citi: DC WE MC $28.8k
Discover: It $19.5k
Barclays: Juniper $15.25k
USAA: PCR VS $15k, RA $5k
UMB: SR VS $15k
PenFed: Path VS $15k
Synchrony: Lowes’s store $25k
BB&T: Bright $10.5k, Bright $6.5k
Cap1: Venture1 Plat MC $10.3k, Kohls store $3k
Comenity: MyCash MC $12.5k
Wells Fargo: Plat $7.5k
TD Bank: Target MC $6k (Reports as retail card despite now being MC)
KCPSCU: Plat MC $6k
BoA: CCR VS $17k
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