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Did I just trigger an FR when asking for a CLI????? =(

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Re: Did I just trigger an FR when asking for a CLI????? =( UPDATE!!!

Dreadfully_Darken wrote:

i have an update after waiting the 7-10 days.  Here is the repsonse I got from AMEX:


"We are writing to let you know that, unfortunately, we're unable to approve your request for a credit limit increase at this time for the folliwng reasons(s):


"Your recent payments are too low in relation to the balances on your account"





I have made, not just one, but several payments monthy.  My average payment is $200 or more a month.  My minimum payment is $35 and I have never MISSED a payment.  I have been with them for over a year and a half.  What the hell gives?  My FICO scores are as follows:



Equafax - 699   TransUnion:  707  Experian - 701!!!!!


Should I call the recon line and see if there was a mistake and try for a lower increase?  Should I leave it alone?  Also, I did NOT get a FR so I am very glad about that.


Let me know what I did wrong??? Thanks.



It seems pretty clear to me - if you're only paying $200 per month on a balance of almost $3000, that's not enough of a payment for them.


Myself, I can see the logic of this and I don't find it shocking or unreasonable.


Why don't you try making a few payments of $500-$1000 per month or more and then try for a CLI?

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