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My cards and thinning the herd

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My cards and thinning the herd

Well as the new year has begun I have been thinking really hard and realize I have way too many cards. I really want to simplify things a bit. I guess when I started building/rebuilding and started to get decent cards, I kinda lived for the "thrill" of those instant approvals or generous CLIs.


Of course I realize that my credit file is very nice now and I carry between 3%-6% utilization sometimes a bit higher but always under 10%. I think I was so focused on my FICO scores and always wanted to keep that extra padding for utilization purposes, that I did get carried way.


Soooo I am going to be trimming down a lot of cards and would greatly appreciate everyone's opinion and advice, don't hold back I can take it Smiley Wink


Below is a list of my cards, right off the bat I want to keep my NFCU cards but also don't want everything in "one basket", I want to keep the PF cards as well but maybe with these 2 CU's I could combine at some point. I would like to keep Discover and Citi although that is not the best card  with Citi, but have been denied every other with them so I will keep this , blacklisted for so long kind of an "accomplishment" thing which brings me to AMEX, I know I have waaaayyyyy too many with them, I have tried to combine but they shot me down not sure if I am not doing it right?


I am going to get myself removed from my dh's cards so that will lower my count and now I need to see about the store cards. Again any advice is very much appreciatedSmiley Happy I use the carecredit for the 0% financing , my daughter has several dental procedures coming up , but no use for the car credit card and might just dump the MARVEL as well.


  • NFCU CR            15K opened 4/18
  • NFCU Amex        10K opened 7/18
  • NFCU Plat           15K opened 10/18
  • PF gold visa        10K opened 3/18
  • PF promise          10K opened 4/18
  • Disco                    2.4K opened 10/17
  • Citi Simplicity      4.3K opened 3/18
  • AMEX ED               1K opened  3/18
  • AMEX starwood     1K opened 7/18
  • AMEX magnet    1K opened  7/18
  • AMEX BC            2K opened 11/18
  • AMEX HH            2K opened 11/18
  • MARVEL              1.5K opened 8/19
  • MACYS                18K  opened  11/17
  • AMAZON SC       10K  opened  11/17
  • WALMART SC     10K   opened  11/17
  • WAYFAIR            18.5K  opened  3/18
  • CARE CREDIT     20K  opened 7/18
  • CAR CARE CREDIT  5K opened  6/18

Authorized User on                         

  • HOME DEPOT      15K opened 1/18
  • LOWES                 25K opened  5/18
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Re: My cards and thinning the herd

Wow! I must say this is a lot of recent cards.

Question. What’s your AAOA and AOOA?

As long as UT doesn’t exceed 8.9% and will not be a negative factor on your scores, here are my suggestions:

See what cards can be reallocated and then close the cards you don’t want. Example, ask NFCU If you can combine the Plat and CRs (both VISAs?)

If you have no use for Wayfair—close.

Macy’s can be SD. I use them once a year, so no fear of closing.

If AmX won’t combine, just figure out which has more value for you and just keep those. Example, do you need both Hilton and Starwood.

CitiSimplicity offers no rewards outside of BTs. IMO, I would seriously consider closing.

Just my 2cents.

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Re: My cards and thinning the herd

Thank you. My AAOA is 2 years 7 months oldest account 19 years 7 months. 


I am probably going to call AMEX today and see if I can combine any accounts. I did transfer 1K from the Hilton to the BC so now that limit is 3K, would like to just keep BC and Magnet, so if they won't let me more any more, I will just close them.


Yes love the wayfair line, but with the new CLI on my navy CR, almost a wash there. And yes Citi has no real benefit I agree.


I appreciate your input. Thank you

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Re: My cards and thinning the herd

Nice to simplify....Amex will let you combine limits between cards....and you can do it yourself online....go to Account Services and then to Transfer Available Credit to Another Card...there it will let you move credit from one card to another. There are rules here, I believe you have to leave at least $500 on the donor card AND that donor card must be at least 13 months old. There are threads on here that explain it in detail, just search. Good luck!!!

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Re: My cards and thinning the herd

Most of your accounts are 15 months old or less. My recommendation is to take NO action and reassess Q4 2019.At that point, you can determine which cards bring you the most values and which lenders are most responsive to your spending habits and overall credit profile. At that time, you'll have a better idea of what you value (cashback, points/loyalty, or low rates) so that you can decide which lenders you want to focus your relationship with.


Additional considerations (IMHO)...

  • AMEX: Do not apply for any more new accounts. With the $1-$2k approvals, they may see risk in your profile or that you are spread too thin across multiple lenders. Do not close any card any sooner than the 1 year mark. At that point, reassess the cards you get most value after passing the 13 month mark on all cards and consolidate/transfer the CLs. I would downgrade or kills cards with an AF but CLI less than $5k.
  • With PFCU, do not request CLIs. Given the amount of new credit, you do not want to raise red flags. In a year, combining may be a good strategy since the Gold is a pretty low-thrills card and the interest rate differences may be nominal.
  • Marvel/Synchrony: If that account does not grow then kill it after the 1 year anniversary.
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Re: My cards and thinning the herd

Thank you all for the inputs. A few things to ponder: Appreciate the insights.

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Re: My cards and thinning the herd

I would wait on closing any of the amex cards. They are fairly recent. Don't want close therm and make it look as if you got them just for the sign up bonuses. Amex frowns upon that just fyi. Don't want to hurt your chances of getting credit from them in the future if they bring out a credit product you're really interested in.
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Re: My cards and thinning the herd

If you try to combine the two PenFed cards, they will usually do a hard pull.

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Re: My cards and thinning the herd

Tuff decisions Mom. Understsnd it completely. Hard to let go what to awhile to build up. Im in a similar postion but one thing that might help as mentioned. Let this year build up. At the end of this year you will have sufficient time added to each card and you can see what still works and what doesnt. Macys i agree is great in it requires very little work but in my case i think my high limit is actually hurting me. Good luck on your decisionSmiley Happy
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