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Are credit scores before getting an ITIN meaningless after getting ITIN?

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Are credit scores before getting an ITIN meaningless after getting ITIN?



I am a newly starting Ph.D. student (international) so I currently do not have an ITIN or SSN. As I will be receiving a full scholarship from the school in the first year, I am currently in the process of applying for ITIN; which I expect to receive in a couple of weeks' time. 


My question is this; will the credit score / history that I have now turn out to be meaningless after getting an ITIN? 



The situation is as follows; 

Now I'm in a row with BoA, since they messed up my credit card application (by mistake they entered multiple applications which ended up with me getting a credit card denial + a postal mail saying that 'Multiple inquiries in a short period of time has adversly affected my credit score", which quoted what is called a Credit Optics score by Sagestream LLC.)


I complained to the branch manager but BoA is saying that since I don't have an SSN, it's hard for them or me to dispute the negative credit score entry, since CRAs don't let you see the credit report if you don't have an SSN. 


However, at the same time they are telling me that anything before ITIN won't matter once I get an ITIN; that it will be "like you're a completely new person" in their exact words, and that the fact that they have my passport number and other personal information doesn't matter.


Therefore, in their logic, it would be best for me to forgo any effort to dispute the false entry and simply wait till the ITIN is out and then apply for a credit card with a blank slate. 



However, during this process I've learned to double-doubt what the bank tells me so I want to make sure by getting outside information. Is it true that any credit history / score before ITIN is simply meaningless and that the negative entry will never be used against me? 


(I know that you can reject to linking credit history before SSN to your SSN but it'll take more than a year for me to get SSN and I want to build credit history from early on so it'd be great to be able to use credit cards ASAP)


Thanks a lot your your help in advance; this process & lack of information is really wearing me out. 

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