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Credit Report Dispute Clarification

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Credit Report Dispute Clarification

Hello all.  I was unable to find an answer by searching the boards so hopefully someone can answer this for me.  We had a CH 7 discharge 1/16 and havent started the rebuild process until now (kicking myself a bit for it, but better late then never).  We both signed up for Credit Check Total because I was using Credit Karma and hearing bad things, plus the $1.00 trial is a great deal.  After reviewing everything I found that both Equifax and Transunion for both of us are a hot mess and I need to work on disputes.  Seeing the actual Fico 8 scores versus what I was seeing at credit karma was shocking.


So my question is can I use the 3 in 1 report the CCT provides me to dispute with both CRA's or would it be better for me to get the individual reports from the annual report site to dispute with them?  Does that make sense? I hope so. 


Thanks so much in advance.  Smiley Happy


p.s. I did read the opening post on Bankruptcy to 700 in 24 months, but didn't actually see anything about CCT unless I missed it. 

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Re: Credit Report Dispute Clarification

I think you should get the free annual credit report because it will show you when items will be dropping off.

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Re: Credit Report Dispute Clarification

You are not required to provide any copy of your current credit report in order to dispute.

The old policy of requring a copy of a credit report in order to dispute has been discontinued by the CRA,


However, it is prudent to use the most recent report to idenitfy potential inaccuracies.

The report provided at is sanctioned by the FTC as complying with the FCRA mandate to provide a free annual report, and is usually the most complete.  I would recommend using that site.

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Re: Credit Report Dispute Clarification

Thank you that makes sense. I will check the annual site today. 🙂
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Re: Credit Report Dispute Clarification

Thanks again. I ran the annual reports and everything on all 3 reports are listed as IIB.  I only see a couple small things - 1 annoying thing is we reaffirmed our vehicle lease through GM Financial and they no longer report anything good or bad.  I even called & was told it's policy not to report after a bankruptcy.  The good thing is the lease is up in January so whatever we do will be a new installment loan to actually help.  We reaffirmed the mortgage too, but Transunion shows it as included in bankruptcy so I have to try and fix that.


It appears the reported on Credit Check Total were pretty different from the annual report site, but creditors see the stuff from the annual report site, is that correct?  What is the point of CCT then?  Is it just to track scores? 


Something I do not understand is why some of my accounts on my reports show a recent account updated or reported date when they were included in the bankruptcy.  Any ideas?

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Re: Credit Report Dispute Clarification

By asking you to reafirm the loan after BK, they are asking you to execute a new agreement to honor the loan.

Thus, you do now have a loan agreemnt with terms for which they are obligated, under FCRA 623(a)(2) to update as required to reflect the current accuracy of the loan.

Thus, if they are stating that their policy is not to make updated reporting on accounts that are not included under the BK, you would have a valid dispute of their lack of compliance with FCRA 623(a)(2).


Their option, if they wish not to update, is to delete their entire reporting.

Update requirments only apply to information that has been reported.  They can avoid any update requriment by deleting the affected reporting.

They cant institute their own policy to relieve themselves of a requriment of statute.

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Re: Credit Report Dispute Clarification

Thank you so much for the info. The rep I talked too must not know what he's talking about. I signed the reaffirmation agreement at my bk meeting with the court and I have a copy. I also just searched about what you told me and it clearly says on there website that if you reaffirm your lease that activity on the account resumes. Now to try and get to a supervisor and get them to update the past year and a half. Or do I disputed that with the CRAS first? Thanks
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