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Reporting history, credit limit, and FICO tracking spreadsheet

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Reporting history, credit limit, and FICO tracking spreadsheet



I created a Excel spreadsheet to track my credit limit history, when cards report to the 3 CBs, and my FICO history. I thought it might be helpful to some of you out there, so I've shared it on my Dropbox. Feel free to grab a copy for your own use Smiley Happy


What it will do:

Once you input your cards and credit limits, you can input the balances reported on the 3 CB tabs and it will calculate individual util as well as overall. It'll then chart that over time, as well as your FICO score over time. It's a simple way to see when things get updated, as well as what effect it has on your score. (If any)


Link to file:


Also, if you have any ideas, please let me know and I'll be happy to try and incorporate them!







(TU Split File - FIXED!)
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